nana's world

{June 19, 2010}   A Different Perspective

have you ever wondered how your young child sees something?  or any aged child for that matter, but i had this thought recently, concerning the one yr olds i work with.  about two weeks ago i had the babies in their bedroom while i was changing sheets, stocking diaper stations, etc.  one wandered into the closet to explore a new space.  its pretty much childproofed and i was in there putting away clothes, so i let them have at it.  one of the remarkable things about the boys that i have not noticed in other babies is the marked expressiveness of their hands and feet.  whenever they are stimulated (and this has been going on since they were just months old) they twist and wrench their hands and feet as if their lives depended on this motion!  the more excited they become, the more the hands and feet are twisting and turning, reaching and toes clenching.  so anyway, as i was putting away jammies and organizing hanging clothes in sets of 3, i noticed the smallest of the three boys laying flat on his back in the closet, looking straight up, and working his hands and feet in a symphony of excitement.  all i could see him looking at was the clothes.  so i decided to see it from his perspective.  i laid down on the floor beside him and looked up to see what he was seeing.  he turned to me and the sheer delight in his eyes made me know that he appreciated a grown up coming down to his level.  so i look up and see not what i saw before: the predictable parade of shirts and rompers, overalls and outfits organized in sets and types.  rather i saw dangling bits of color and textures, moving and swaying as i had been hanging things up and moving them back and forth.  and how high it seemed, so out of reach and yet so inviting as i imagine he would have liked to touch them and pull them and toss them.   never underestimate what you can see from your child’s perspective.  the closet has never been the same since!

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