nana's world

{July 22, 2010}   Transitions

Well, as all things do, our situations have changed.  I am no longer nannying for the triplets, as they have relocated across the country.  i would have written sooner, but it was a little more of an emotional good-bye than i expected.  in every good nanny/family relationship, there is a certain amount of bonding, usually between the nanny and her charges, and often between the nanny and the entire family.  this was true in our case!  i will very much miss coming to work every day to be greeted with little people that smile from ear to ear and come running, or in my case crawling, to greet me at the gate of the playroom.  i seriously doubt any office job can make you feel as needed and loved as 3 little one year old boys!  as much as i will miss them, i am very excited about the new charges i will be working with in the future.  I cant wait to see the boys grow up, even if it will be in pictures, emails, and hopefully a few visits.  so on to temporary jobs until the next permanent position begins.  thus is the life of the transitioning nanny.  🙂

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