nana's world

{August 22, 2010}   more transition!

things have been extremely busy in my world the last few weeks as i prepare for my new job, and my daughter gets ready for school to start again.  both on the same day of course!  in the mean time i was busy with 4 kiddos during a temporary gig, more on that later.  because this job will be much further from my home, im preparing for a commute of about an hour each way.  maybe less if traffic isnt too terrible, and since i will be leaving pretty early in the mornings, i think it wont be.  i have been working on ways to keep my home running smoothly since i will be spending less time at home.  i need meal plans so we dont fall into the unhealthy trap of eating out most nights.  calendars to keep up with appointments, football games, meetings, and field trip due dates.  dry erase boards to note when we are running out of things so i dont realize we are out of toilet paper as i reach for some and there isnt any.  specific times to do chores and laundry so things dont stack up and we dont have to get dressed off of the couch that becomes a closet (now what working mom hasnt been there at least once, right!  admittedly, this working mom has been there more than once…)  i also thought ahead to some creature comforts that will help ease the stress of a full schedule.  i want something to look forward to.  sometimes when i get home, rather than relaxing as i imagine most people do, i end up stressing over things that arent done, even if i dont have the energy to do them right at that moment.  i want things to be different this time.  i want to create a system for our family of two that will roll smoothly so that when i get home, its not only down time for me, but quality time for my daughter and me.  one of the things we love to do on our down time together is watch movies and chit chat about all sorts of things.  we also love to chill and watch the youtube and music videos she comes across.  so im thinking that if i have less time to be home, i want to spend it doing things we enjoy.  which in the end might mean that though i will have less time at home, we will actually have more quality time at home than before, simply because of good organization of the “have-to’s” of the household.  now good smooth rolling organization is new to us, so you readers will be with us on our journey as we learn.  i would love to hear any comments and suggestions anyone has on this subject!

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