nana's world

{September 6, 2010}   Happy Fall!!

well, i guess it’s technically not really fall yet…but i can’t wait a minute longer to get the decorations out, start cooking things like chilli and roasts, and start planning halloween projects.  today we pulled out the box of carefully wrapped pieces from the closet.  opening each piece was like getting a present; feeling first through the paper and guessing which item it is.  could  it be the little woodland sprite with the pointy hat holding a hedgehog and some acorns like a great fall treasure just waiting to be placed upon a table for a great feast?   or the gorgeous resin pumpkin with wonderful scenes of fall carved into it, detailed pictures of scarecrows, farmhouses, fall produce, and a beautiful harvest moon.  as i unwrap them im flooded with memories…the sprite was a gift, as was the pumpkin.  another pumpkin piece was also a gift…to myself.  i have always believed that every piece in my home should speak to me, of a friend, family member, special occasion, or special period in my life.  sort of like living in a scrapbook.  in this way my home is always warm and cozy.  and that is a very good thing.

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