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{September 7, 2010}   sept 7-10, 2010; 8 mos. old

THEME:   Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT:   we will read the story each day, usually at least twice per day.  we will read it in a rythmic format, patting knees or clapping softly to enhance language development through rythm and music.  i will also change voices with each animal as it presents itself in the story to create interest and also introduce animal sounds.  I will make sure the girls can see the pictures for an introduction to color recognition and stimulation, but i do not expect them to follow along with pictures at this stage.  my voice will have to be be the primary interest keeper at this point!

MAKING DISCOVERIES:  our discoveries related to the them will include feeling a teddy bear.  i will offer several different types of teddies to feel.  we will clear the area of toys and distractions, and for the moment only have the bears out.  i will talk about teddy bear, saying the word “teddy bear” over and over, both plainly and in sing-song manner to reinforce the word and to help form a connection between the word and the bear.  we will also have some play time with them, allowing the girls to explore them at will.

MOTOR SKILLS:  Baby A will be working on strengthening her back and neck by having tons of tummy time!  one of her favorite activities is looking into a mirror (she giggles at herself, it is the cutest thing!) so i will have mirror toys out for her.  we will also use whatever stimulating toys and sounds to help her tolerate tummy time as long as possible.  Baby B will be working on reaching for a toy while on her tummy.  currently she is pretty accomplished at scooting…backwards.  so we are going to work on scooting forwards, to reach a toy or someting else she really wants.  in my experience some of the best tempters for this exercise are a television remote control or my cell phone!

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL:  our goal for this one this week is soft touches with others.  i will place baby’s hands on my hands, my face and have the girls do the same on each others’ hands and face and say soft touches.  this encourages..well..soft touches.

HOME-SCHOOL CONNECTION:  i guess a more accurate description for this category would be parent-caregiver connection, but this is what our lesson plan sheet says so im going with it.  this weeks’ task will be strengthening the skill of using sippy cups. 

other activities that we do this week will be blogged seperately.

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