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{September 15, 2010}   September 13-17,2010; 8 mos. old

exciting things happening this week:  baby A is pulling herself up on her knees on large toys!  we have increased her tummy time so she is gaining upper body strength and she keeps her head and shoulders up for longer periods of time.  she is also rolling aroung more and more, whereas before she was mostly happy sitting.  yay!  baby B is pulling herself up also…on the furniture!  i got the cutest pic of her today pulling herself up to her knees on the ottoman, then falling back on her bottom and clapping.  so cute.  trips last week included the library for storytime and the zoo with a nanny friend of mine and her charges.  this week we have visited the children’s museum and had a great time with a playgroup made up of area kiddos.  ok for this week we have:

THEME:  Nursery Rhymes

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT:  we have the book Baby Mother Goose, by Gyo Fujikawa.  its an oldie but goodie!  i have used this book with all ages in the classrooms ive taught in and as a nanny.  it has a host of rhymes and little sing-songs that are interesting for baby to listen to.  the girls love it.  the rhymes and rhythms give babies interesting ways to grasp language and want to repeat it, even if they dont yet.

MAKING DISCOVERIES:  our discovery activity this week is water play, specifically pouring water from a cup.  this can be done during bath time or in a pool.  we will most likely pick the pool.  we will have cups of different sizes and colors, and as i fill and pour, i will encourage them to do the same. 

MOTOR SKILLS:  we are still incorporating tummy time into all of our activities, but for a specific skill we are rolling a ball back and forth.  they already try to “roll” it, however, it doesnt usually arrive to its destination!  they get really excited to try, and they do get better with each throw!

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL:  happy time with bubbles.  we are going to use bubbles to create a happy, warm, fun atmosphere.  because we will all be together, it will also be a social activity. 

HOME-SCHOOL CONNECTION:  i am introducing simple signs.  the first one we are working on is the sign for “more”.

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