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{November 2, 2010}   WELCOME NOVEMBER!

Finally!  Here in Texas the summers are so long that fall is a welcome arrival.  I’m looking forward to the baking, crafting, and themes we can do with the kids, big and small, this season.  The babies, toddlers, and preschoolers I care for love all of the creative projects and fun that we have just as much as my teenage daughter and her friends!  I didnt check in much for October, but trips to the Halloween events at the zoo were among the most popular things we did.  Also fun was the pumpkin patch, special Halloween themed photographs, and decorating everwhere with pumpkins, real and otherwise.  Our household has also begun Christmas shopping and I would like to begin crafting some ornaments and decorations as time allows.  My plan is to make and craft many if not most of our gifts this year.  Of course my main idea in anything I do is to be thrifty, but more than that i want things to be meaningful.  Another thing i love to do at Christmas is ornament exchange.  This can often be less costly than a gift exchange between friends and starting this early means I can take my time to find or make something that will be special and meaningful to the person I’m giving it to.  I also love being able to unwrap each special ornament the following year and remember the special person that gave it to me.  My tree becomes something like a scrapbook of memories and love, making it something I treasure and truly enjoy putting up each year.  One thing will be a little different this year, however.  Instead of putting up a traditional tree, my daughter and i are going to string garland near the ceiling all around the main room of our home.  Our special and priceless ornaments will hang there, safely tucked away from our rather rambunctious and somewhat destructive male cat, Mick Jaguar.  I will post pictures up when we finish it, hopefully Thanksgiving Weekend.  Happy Fall!

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