nana's world

{November 4, 2010}   ew…

So today was a pretty crazy day.  It was one of those days that make one thankful to start over the next day.  Not terrible necessarily but definately not great.  It started with a drizzly cold rain as the twins and i set out for storytime.  The girls were fussy and we were running late anyway so when we arrived storytime was about halfway over.  No close parking was available, meaning we had to park across the street.  On a typically DRY day this is a rather nice little walk for us.  As it was, I decided a jaunt in the rain was not on the list of things we wanted to do today.  I pulled into a handicapped spot for a SECOND only and dropped my books in the outside drop right there on the curb.  I was less sure about the movies.  Considering that i might get in trouble or worse, be responsible if they were damaged, I asked a lady going into the library to drop them for me.  she smiled, took them ever so nicely, and went in.  I called to verify that they were deposited and guess what.  They were not.  I then proceeded to park across the street, go into the building, and retrieve the movies from the “nice lady” and returned them myself.  Thats what I get for being lazy!  I guess she didnt understand me…. Now the girls did incidently enjoy the brisk little slightly drizzly walk accompanied by every rainy day song i knew, so that part turned out nice. 

Upon reaching home I discovered Miss Annie Pie had a complete blowout that covered her from her diaper to her socks, all inside of her pants.  As I hurry to get her cleaned up before any real damage is done i hear little pats of bare hands on a wooden floor.  Its Katy Bug, crawling her way to freedom and new BREAKABLE treasures.  In my hurry to attend to the mess at hand, I forgot to put the gate back up.  I can’t let her go into that room unattended, and i cant leave Annie Pie on the changing table.  Feet still in the air, and still messy, i take annie pie in both of my hands and scoot katy bug with my feet, thankful that babies slide nicely on polished wood floors.  At last we were able to finish up and conclude the chaos with cuddles and hugs.  And thankfully, tomorrow is a new day.  🙂

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