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{June 8, 2011}   Another New Beginning

I’ve spent a month now at my new position, starting all over again.  Another tearful goodbye to an adorable set of twins that I hope to babysit soon.  Transition is always hard, not just for us as nannies but for all parties involved.  The kids, the parents, and we all feel it.  I was thinking about this particular transition, and how many kids were affected.  The nanny that took my place left kids she cared for.  The twins that I cared for, who then became new charges for her.  The new babies I now take care of, who had to transition from being home with their mom.  And my own daughter, who gets a mom around the house more because i cut my hours and found a job closer to home.   Thankfully my sweet little charges were blessed with a great nanny who hung in there and loves and enjoys them as much as i do.  Thanks to modern technology, their new nanny and i stay in touch via text and facebook, sending comments and pictures back and forth.  Nothing short of a lifeline for a nanny that had to walk away from two little girls she spent 50 to 60 hours a week with.  I was so blessed to work for such a wonderful family that they allow me to stay in touch with them and their family.  No matter how much the nanny loves the family she works and cares for, it is ultimately up to the family whether or not they stay in touch after a job ends.  Again, thankfully, I have always been blessed with families that were sad as i was to end the job, and they were generous and caring enough to allow us to all stay in touch.  Some of the kids I’ve had to leave moved across the country, such as the triplet boys I spent 14 months with.  We stay in touch, calling and sending pictures and videos back and forth.  And then there are the ones that live close by and I get to see as often as time and schedules allow, and as often as mom and dad need a weekend getaway.  Soon I will have a sweet brother and sister for a weekend that are now 3 and 5.  I started with them when they were 2 and 4 months old.

My newest charges are a precious set of twin baby girls.  We have just finished our first month together.  At 3 months old, they were sleeping ALL the time.  I had forgotten how much new babies sleep!  The first few weeks were spent getting to know their patterns, the house, the area, and of course, my work dogs.  Now they are a little older and already changing and growing so much!  They still sleep quite a bit, but we are getting more and more awake time to be down on the floor playing.  Miss Sunshine grabs at toys now and Maddie Pie loves to coo at herself in the mirror.  Both are getting better and better and holding their heads up during tummy time and  they love to look at me and “talk”.  They really enjoy being read to and sung to.  Now that we have had some time to get used to each other and establish some good healthy nap patterns, I will make some goals for us and set up our bulletin board.  Although transition is a challenge, I am confident that the strong, caring adults involved will be able to bring the kiddos through smoothly.  And I am very excited about the days ahead 🙂

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