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{June 22, 2011}   Awake More…Finally! (June 20-24)

The babies are finally starting to stay awake more.  Not to say they aren’t on their second nap already, and it’s not even 1pm yet, because they are.  The fun part is that they are staying awake for longer periods of time, which means we get to do more activities.  This week, our featured story is Miss Spider’s ABC by David Kirk.  For the longest time, until this very moment actually, I have called it Miss Spider’s Birthday, because all of the bugs are getting ready for her birthday.  I had no idea that was not actually the title…oops.  I’m not usually one to have too  many books based on tv shows, but I love this one for babies.  The words can be read in a sing-song rhythm that babies love and the pictures are large, bright, and colorful.  This week we are also working on mimicking vowel sounds, reaching out for and holding a toy, and I am going to expose them to some different textures.  I will take some toys and blankets and gently stroke their arm with them and let their hands feel them.  I always encourage them to reach out and touch the piece or toy or whatever is in front of them.  Also this week we have been sitting up in a double boppi (two stacked on top of each other) and in the crook of my leg.  The girls love it!  They reach down for the toys in front of them and practice picking them up and bringing them to what else…their mouths.   For Social/Emotional development, I have been placing the girls next to each other and letting them look at each other, and reach out for each other.  Very cute.  We are also going to implement a storytime upstairs in their room as part of our nap time routine.

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