nana's world

{June 25, 2011}   babysitting bliss

There is a world of change in a toddler in just a couple of months.  I have been away from Annie Pie and Katy Bug for all of two months, but tonight, I’m back!  I was lucky enough to have a chance to babysit these angels.  When I left, we were all best friends.  Tonight, the girls backed up a little and watched for a bit before jumping in to play.  They seem so much more grown up!  More words, running faster and more confidently, going up the stairs with ease.  We had so much fun taking baths, reading stories, playing with baby dolls.  I got some sweet little hugs at the end of the night to reward me for all my playing :).  As they sleep peacefully I get to catch up on some writing and imagine what my own daughter is doing hundreds of miles away visiting family.  She’s so much more grown up too.  Confident, beautiful, resourceful, and strong.  I’m so proud of all the little girls, and boys, that I am blessed to see grow up.

blueberry picking with my kiddo

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