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{June 19, 2010}   Bubbles of Fun!!

One of my favorite activities for kids of all ages is simply blowing bubbles.  i use it currently for my one yr olds, triplets, at various times.  it works really well for transitional times, such as the 15 minutes after we have cleaned the playroom but still waiting for lunchtime.  for some children i think it works nicely for a wind down time, watching the bubbles float slowly downward as classical music is played in the background, but not for the triplets however.  blowing bubbles is a time of thrilling excitement!  they are completely amped up after a session of bubbles, so for them, i would never do it before nap or bedtime.  another fun thing i have done with bubbles goes with another post i wrote about seeing things from your child’s perspective.  the boys, age one, were lying on the floor looking up at the bubbles floating down to them.  i kept wondering why they didnt want to sit up or crawl around and try to catch them.  so i decided to investigate.  i lay down on the floor beside them.  the smiles i got for this was more of a reward than seeing the actual thing i was trying to see!  head to head, my vision was exactly lined up with them.  i blew the bubbles straight up into the air and then…just watched.  how magical.  a torrent of spherical light reflecting orbs dancing and teasing, sometimes coming right to me, and other times floating just out of reach…do this with your children.  even for something as simple as a bubble, see it from your child’s perspective.   for these guys, and other ages, bubbles can also enhance all other activities.  use in the playroom, outside, on a stroller ride or walk, in the park, in the pool, even in a parking lot before getting out of the car and heading into a store.  who cares, its your time right?  enhance every activity for learning and mind expansion for the kiddos.  and bottom line is…its fun!

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