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{July 22, 2010}   “Need Help”

one of my favorite things to teach young toddlers to say is “i need help”.  which usually shortens to “need help”.  i love it because it cuts out a lot of the usual frustration they experience when they can’t do something their little minds tell them they can.  it helps in so many situations, including doing something with a toy, trying to get up on the couch, and picking something up that is way too heavy and usually not something they should have anyway.  but once the phrase is mastered, its wonderful how much less screaming occurs as a result of pure frustration.  they way i teach this is repetition, pure and simple.  i start at about 8 or 9 months, and say “need help” every time i help them do or reach something they can’t do on their own, and clearly want to.  that way the words are already in their mind as they are learning to say things.  i also spend time saying it over and over as we play with a toy or game that is difficult to master, and requires some assistance.  it may be awhile before you hear them say it to you, but any parent or caregiver who has been frozen in their tracks by the ear-splitting shriek of a toddler knows its worth the 50 million times you say it.  trust me.  🙂


{July 9, 2010}   rainy day fun

today was a good day.  the babies started off a little cranky, which is not all that unusual since when i get there at my usual time of 8:30, they have already been awake for sometimes 3 hours.  they have finished bottles and are ready to eat, and ready for their day to start.  so as i’m feeding them cereal and fruit, i keep looking out the window hoping it will change from the steady downpour we have been getting for days to something less formidable…no such luck.  no pool this morning, and no walk around the block in our cute triplet style wagon, with its 3 colorful seats.  racking my brain, dad comes up with a great idea.  we take the gates we have, the ones that connect into one huge circle, and put it outside on the patio.  lucky for us the patio has a HUGE cover and complete with ceiling fans, we could almost pretend it was breezy out instead of humid and hot.  so we stay out for a while, playing with toys, reading books, and observing the rain and overflowing pool until it’s time to come in.  after that we played in the kids’ bedroom, instead of the play room, for added stimulation on this day where we will be held captive inside for most of it.  we get out some toys we haven’t played with in a while, opened the closet door, tumped over some storage bins housing bibs and blankets, and had a blast.  all while being serenaded by the Wiggles.  once in the play room, we “camped out” in the tent, practiced rhythms along with jack on Jack’s Big Music Show, and tossed a ball around.  literally, as they are learning how to throw a ball back and forth, so cute!!  we blew bubbles, built towers, looked out windows, and sang, sang, sang.  big milestones today, baby R pointed to his nose for the first time, and of course i went crazy so he did it 4 more times!  and baby B pulled up on his own for the first time.  his brothers have been doing this for a while, so it was very exciting to see them all standing at the gate as mom and dad came into the playroom.  all in all it was a great day for all of us.

{June 24, 2010}   sick days

yesterday and today, the triplets have had a slight summer cold.  not bad enough to keep them in bed, but the low grade fevers definately kept us inside and out of the pool.  on top of this, they got shots today, which only added to the crankiness and discomfort they were feeling.  so super-nana had to be even more creative!  now as they are only one yr old, i felt somewhat limited on what we could do.  for intstance, we are starting to explore with things like crayons, and soon i will be introducing some simple glue projects.  but when babies are cranky, the last thing they want to do is hear NO when they want to lick that tasty green crayon.  we have taken advantage of all the rooms in the house.  traveling room to room, toys in tow, we have explored every inch of the livingroom, the hallway, their bedroom, and our playroom.  some of the bigger toys, like our basketball goal (about 2 feet tall), and a big dinosaur ball thing, have gotten new homes as we placed them in different areas of the playroom, to give things a fresh feel.  Jack’s Big Music Show helped, as we all sang along and clapped hands and patted a beat out on our legs.  we also had our snack in a different room today.  i thought this would be a fantastic idea, but it turned out that high chairs make the best place to eat slightly liquidy yogurt.  bubbles, songs, and rhymes were interspersed liberally between activities, and all in all, if we had to be sick, it was not really such a bad day!

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