nana's world

{August 22, 2010}   we did it!

in the famous words of Dora the Explorer, i hope to soon say, “we did it!”  and by that i mean, we created a foolproof way to make sure the house stays stocked, laundry is done, fridge is full, healthy snacks are readily available, meals are easy and delicious, and our home, if not spotless, is generally clean.  as if this wasnt enough of a feat, i want to add sharpening my coupon and freebie skills to stretch every hard-earned dollar.  and we cant forget quality time for my daughter and myself, as well as a little fun on the side for me!  how to fit all of this in?  well….we are going to all learn together and find a way for all of this to work.  surely there is always a way, we just have to find it!

{June 24, 2010}   sick days

yesterday and today, the triplets have had a slight summer cold.  not bad enough to keep them in bed, but the low grade fevers definately kept us inside and out of the pool.  on top of this, they got shots today, which only added to the crankiness and discomfort they were feeling.  so super-nana had to be even more creative!  now as they are only one yr old, i felt somewhat limited on what we could do.  for intstance, we are starting to explore with things like crayons, and soon i will be introducing some simple glue projects.  but when babies are cranky, the last thing they want to do is hear NO when they want to lick that tasty green crayon.  we have taken advantage of all the rooms in the house.  traveling room to room, toys in tow, we have explored every inch of the livingroom, the hallway, their bedroom, and our playroom.  some of the bigger toys, like our basketball goal (about 2 feet tall), and a big dinosaur ball thing, have gotten new homes as we placed them in different areas of the playroom, to give things a fresh feel.  Jack’s Big Music Show helped, as we all sang along and clapped hands and patted a beat out on our legs.  we also had our snack in a different room today.  i thought this would be a fantastic idea, but it turned out that high chairs make the best place to eat slightly liquidy yogurt.  bubbles, songs, and rhymes were interspersed liberally between activities, and all in all, if we had to be sick, it was not really such a bad day!

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