nana's world

{August 22, 2010}   we did it!

in the famous words of Dora the Explorer, i hope to soon say, “we did it!”  and by that i mean, we created a foolproof way to make sure the house stays stocked, laundry is done, fridge is full, healthy snacks are readily available, meals are easy and delicious, and our home, if not spotless, is generally clean.  as if this wasnt enough of a feat, i want to add sharpening my coupon and freebie skills to stretch every hard-earned dollar.  and we cant forget quality time for my daughter and myself, as well as a little fun on the side for me!  how to fit all of this in?  well….we are going to all learn together and find a way for all of this to work.  surely there is always a way, we just have to find it!

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